Abdelaziz BENABDALLAH was born on november 28th, 1923 in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco. His father Abdelwahad Benabdallah, who died in 1991, was a great sheikh, juriconsult, exegete of the Koran and commentator of Hadiths. During six decades, he lectured, with an open, but objective mind on the basic themes of charia in different cities of the Kingdom of Morocco. A hardened nationalist, he was imprisoned by the protectorate authorities for his patriotic choices and action. It is in this environment of both scientific and patriotic precepts. Abdelawahad BENABDALLAH brought up his son Abdelaziz. He sent him to the msid (Koranic School) where he completed the memorizing of the Koran and the didactic poems, tackling the religious basic principles and what we name “the twelve basic commitments” (of which is grammar, syntax, literary diction…). The mastery of this material allowed him, at the age of fifteen, to accede to those taught in various mosques, under the supervision of eminent sheikhs such as Sid El Madani Belhousni, si Abderrahmane Chefchaouni and the minister of Justice si Mohammed Erronda. Abdelaziz BENABDALLAH simultaneously, pursued his education on modern studies at the age of seven in the unique primary school available in the city (the school of the elite’ sons). Since then, his double culture became crystallized within the conservative forum and within the modern university of Algiers. Having obtained his bachelor’s double degree in both Law and Humanities, in 1946, he joined militancy in the patriotic journal Al Alam (in Arabic) and Istiqlal (in French). This did in no way hinder him from running a large private school where the Arabic langue had to have the priority in various disciplines. This school, like many others, used to provide training to militant officials and future intellectual elite of the country. In 1957, after the country’s independence. He became:



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ABI: American Biographical Institute

IBC: Institute of Biographical Center de Cambridge


Professor Abdelaziz Benabdellah’s biography is outstanding, his accomplishments are respected and worthy of international recognition. He was offered in 1998 to become an American Biographical institute (ABI) fellow, and in 1999 he was invited to become a distinguished member of the world institute of achievement (WIA), established by the American Biographical Institute.

 Professor Abdelaziz Benabdelah was nominated for the United Cultural convention’s international peace prize. It is worth mentioning that the UCC was founded by the prestigious American Biographical institute. And that Professor Benabdellah was asked to become a secretary –general of the United Cultural convention , which  deals with the  UNESCO, United Nations information centre ,world affairs council, institute for African affairs , and other regional and international organizations

 In this respect professor Benabdellah was nominated and given several prices and awards, to become the only and unique distinguished Moroccan scholar to have gain such huge international recognition by the international Biographical centre of Cambridge in ENGLAND, which is a world leader in biographical publishing, founded over forty years ago  (see http://www international biographical centre.com), as well as  the American Biographical institute  which is one of the world’s leading biographical reference publishers and authorities , on global contemporary achievement (see://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American biographical institute)  .

The American Biographical institute and the International biographical centre hold an annual convention each year, known as the international congress on science, culture, and arts. The congress provides a forum for the artists, scientists, professionals, and educators to show their works.


                             A LIST OF THE MAIN AWARDS OFFERED BY
                             THE INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHICAL
                                      TO PROFESSOR BENABDELLAH

1- The twentieth century award for achievement     
                        August 1998

2- Gold star award                                               
                        September 1998

3- 1000 creative and successful personalities
   of the world                                                         
                     January 1999

4- 21st century award for achievement                       
                  August 2001

5-2000 outstanding scholars of the 21st century           
                   January 2002

6- International educator of the year                         
                   May 2003

7- Order of international fellowship                           
                  April 2004

8- Top 100 educators 2005                                        
                  October 2004

9- The Plato award                               
                   January 2006

10- Leading educators of the world 2006                 
                    June 2006

11- Top 100 educators 2007           
                    September 2007

12- IBC foremost educators of the world 2008      
                    April 2008

13- The international Plato award for educational
                    November 2008


                                    A LIST OF THE MAIN AWARDS OFFERED BY
                                  THE AMERICAN BIOGRAPHICAL INSTITUTE
                                            TO PROFESSOR BENABDELLAH

1- 1998 Platinum record for exceptional performance 

2-2000 Millennium Medal of Honor    
                           June 1999

3-1000 world leaders of influence   
                           August 1999

4- 500 leaders of influence     
                          January 2001

 5- Man of the year 2001   
                          June 2001

 6- Ambassadors of grand eminence  
                          April 2002

 7- Great minds of the 21st century
                          April 2003